Welcome to Kicks From Science!

Hello everyone! So glad you could make it! Take a load off, make yourself comfy! I’ll put on a pot of tea…

While that’s brewing, I’ll explain why we’re all here.

Kicks From Science is a little outpost for people who miss their science lessons. Soon to come in this receptacle will be the odd (sometimes sideways) look at science in the news, a few suggestions for field trips you can take in London (because that’s where I am) and beyond (because that’s where I’ll be sometimes), and there’ll be some fun and games thrown in too, because science is all about play. With the addition of grants, capital funding, pool parties etc.

Speaking of play, here’s Jas Mann of Babylon Zoo doing Spaceman on Top of the Pops in (probably) 1996. Remember him? If you want to keep your childhood memories pristine and intact, don’t read the subtitles.

See you soon, Leonie