Quiz: time to let your geek flag fly

Welcome to KFS’s first monthly quiz!

Show of hands: who secretly loved a test at school? Luckily we still get to enjoy them as grown-ups, only now we call them “quizzes”, and they happen in nice places like pubs and on BBC4. Which means they’re cool now, yay!

Now KFS does special science-themed quizzes – I’ll be posting one of these on the last Thursday of each month. There will be eight questions in varying levels of difficulty from ‘gentle tease’ to ‘dear lord someone’s letting their geek flag fly’.

Some questions will ask for a connection between a series of clues. See if you can guess the connection after each clue, rather than taking a guess after seeing them all, for the authentic Only Connect experience. What the hell, even yell out “next!” to summon the next clue if you want. If you’re into counting, give yourself five points if you get the answer after one clue, three points for two, two points for three, and one if you get it after playing all four.

There are a total of 24 points up for grabs, and answers will be revealed in a later post. Ready? Here goes:

1) Where in the world?

For your first point, what is the location pictured here, and what is its scientific significance?

KFS quiz 1 q1

2) Common people

Now for some not-so-general knowledge. What do these four scientists have in common?

Peter Higgs
George Stephenson
Michael Faraday
Stephen Hawking

Need a clue? Note their nationality (and the fact that they’re all dudes).

3) Animal, vegetable or mineral?

KFS quiz1 q3

One of these images shows part of an animal (for these purposes, any living thing), another part of a vegetable (any living thing that grows out of the ground) and the other is of a mineral (anything else in the world). Which is which? Bonus points if you can tell exactly what’s being pictured.

4) Tweets from history

We’ve unearthed this tweet documenting an important discovery from the 20th century. For your next point, name the tweeter responsible.

KFS quiz1 q4

Name the year for a bonus point. You big show off.

5) What am I making?

Hydrated Silica
PVM/MA Copolymer

These are the first five ingredients of a product you probably have in your home. Name that product!

6) Picture round! What’s the connection between these four?

KFS quiz1 q6

(As that map is crazy obscure, here’s a hint – that dot is somewhere in Germany.)

7) NEXT!


What should come next in this sequence of handsome beasts?

8) Music round!

This one’s probably the toughest (but doesn’t that make the win so much sweeter?). The following songs are all getting at a connection. Name it for your last point.

…and that’s it! Don’t forget to check back next week for all the answers. Bon weekend!