Blast off! Tim Peake heads to the International Space Station

It’s not very often when you get to witness history being made minute by minute. But today, the UK watched as its first ESA astronaut blasted off to the International Space Station, with NASA astronaut Tim Kopra, and cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko (honoured as the first person to get married in space).

Tim Peake will spend five months at the ISS as part of Expedition 46, where he’ll conduct assorted experiments in areas including novel materials and fluid dynamics on behalf of ESA, and be a human guinea pig as he notes the effects of space flight on the body.

Though he set off at 11:03 GMT, the excitement of the occasion was palpable even into the evening as KFS headed to the Science Museum for a celebratory evening of space-themed fun and games.

KFS was pleased to meet commander of the last Apollo mission, the Gene Cernan (impersonator), and got a good close up look at a prototype of ESA’s Mars rover, Bridget, due to touch down on the Red Planet with the second ExoMars mission in 2019.

ESA Bridget Mars rover
Give us a twirl, Bridge

It was a good day. Here it is in pictures.

crew prepares to dock with its
Aboard the Soyuz: the crew prepares to dock
Credit: Sergey Volkov ‏@Volkov_ISS
Tim greets NASA astronaut Scott Kelly
Opening the hatch: Tim greets NASA astronaut Scott Kelly
The crew wave goodbye after taking questions from Earth
It’s been a long day: the crew waves goodbye after taking questions from Earth